Sarabanda Hotel | Our Story
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Our Story

Hotel boutique Sarabanda…. a bridge between continents.

Sarabande Hotel located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende was inspired by baroque music… and a dance that originated in Mexico called the Sarabande.  The risqué dance was brought to Spain in the 17th century and made its way to the Italian and French courts. In the 19th century the dance returned to Mexico with an elegant French interpretation as a baroque processional dance.


Like the dance itself, the owners have their own history of moving between Mexico and Europe.  Your experience too will be like stepping lightly between the Mediterranean and our magical city of San Miguel de Allende.

Our breakfast buffet

Our unique breakfast buffet is based on a close between the quality of products, seasonality and our ability to get them from the small farmers who supply our pantry.  

Tasting breakfast… a unique experience

Each morning we offer an extraordinary journey through the geography of coffee in Mexico. Taste a fine selection of different blends presented with affection and enthusiasm paired with the best local ingredients prepared by hand using the best techniques we know. We invite you to join our trip.


For an exceptional experience, guests may opt for the Breakfast Tasting Menu… a four-course tasting tour of the country.  Each course begins with a coffee paired with the perfect dish to complement the flavors and undertones of the coffee.  You won´t find this experience anywhere else in the country!

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